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Control of Leading-Edge Separation by Periodic Forcing

3 Сентября 2013



Оn-line-трансляция из НИИМ МГУ

ЦАГИ, корп. № 8, конференц-зал

Тема: Control of Leading-Edge Separation by Periodic Forcing

Авторы: Yuli Lifshitz — Research Associate, Department of Mechanical EngineeringDavid Degan — Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Associate Fellow AIAA (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa 32000, Israel)

Тезисы доклада

Separation control by two-dimensional periodic excitation is studied theoretically on a parabola at angle of attack using a mathematical model of incompressible laminar flow with periodic perturbations. This model is based on the decomposition of flow parameters on the mean and periodic parts. The governing equations for both parts are derived from the Navier-Stokes equations using time averaging. For the mean part this procedure generates new momentum equations, which comprise additional sources resulted from the averaging of quadratic periodic terms. Just these sources of momentum allow the separation control. The influence of frequency, amplitude and station where the excitation is inserted in the flow on the possibility of the separation control is analyzed in the present paper. The results give a procedure allowing the estimation of above parameters in the case of a leading-edge separation.

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