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TsAGI Completes SJ-100 Landing Tests

24 January 2024

Under Western sanctions, Russia is implementing an aircraft industrial import substitution program, in particular, by creating fully domestic SJ-100 aircraft.

To that end, TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) is carrying out a prodigious amount of studies. So far, it has completed another test cycle of SJ-100 model under the contract with Yakovlev PJSC (a part of Rostec’s United Aircraft Corporation).

The tests aimed to study aircraft behavior at takeoff and landing. Experiment was carried out in low-speed wind tunnel with a screen simulating ground effect. The scientists studied unsteady flow characteristics in the wing wake at landing and with deflected high-lift devices, speedbrakes and spoiler parts with landing gear. The characteristics were analyzed both with force tests and flow visualization.

The tests allowed TsAGI to study SJ-100 aerodynamic performance with PD‑8 engines at takeoff and landing, as well as unsteady flow characteristics in the wing wake. The results became a basis for recommendations to decrease wing wake vortex intensity at landing.

‘Decreased wake vortex allows for less distance between aircraft in an airport, thus increasing airport capacity. Also, the results can be used to update aerodynamic performance databank of SJ-100 at landing,’ said Nikolay Bragin, Head of Sector, Department for Aircraft Aerodynamics, TsAGI.

SJ-100 is a fully domestic version of RRJ-95 (SSJ-100) short-haul jet created by Yakovlev PJSC under import substitution program.

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