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TsAGI Studying VTOL Tiltrotor Model

21 December 2022

Today, there is ongoing demand for quick intra-urban and interurban travels for short distances. Thus, it is increasingly demanding to create small aircraft that would do the job.

Scientists from TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) tested model of vertical takeoff-and-landing tiltrotor aimed for flights within high-density urban areas. Bartini Design Company was the customer.

The hull of the model is a streamlined lifting body with four rotary ten-bladed fan propellers installed on pylons at front and behind.

The model was tested in TsAGI low-speed wind tunnel, in full configuration both with running and non-running engines. Additionally, isolated engines were tested. The researchers determined aerodynamic characteristics of the model at takeoff, landing, cruise flight and transitional flight, and visualized surface flow with tuft method.

The determined aerodynamics of the model and isolated propellers will be used for developing layout of the VTOL tiltrotor.

The next stage of tests is planned for next spring. TsAGI scientists will do a series of tests to improve the aerodynamic design of the advanced aircraft.

Developed by Bartini Design Company, the VTOL tiltrotor is aimed for flights within high-density urban areas. The tiltrotor with four rotary fan propellers is to carry from 2 to 4 people at the altitude reaching 3000 m with the velocity up to 300 km/h for 150 km.

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