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Ka-62 Rotorcraft Certified after Tests at TsAGI

26 January 2022

  • Ka-62 model is tested in TsAGI T-105 wind tunnel Ka-62 model is tested in TsAGI T-105 wind tunnel
  • Ka-62 model is tested in TsAGI T-105 wind tunnel Ka-62 model is tested in TsAGI T-105 wind tunnel

Ka-62 civil rotorcraft was given a type certificate which enables its serial supply to Russian customers. The certificate was delivered to Russian Helicopters JSC in late November. TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) actively participated in all the stages of creating the rotorcraft, from concept design to certification.

A design feature of the Ka-62 is the use of a ducted anti-torque tail rotor, which was previously used in domestic practice. The Institute’s scientists tested a lot the aerodynamic characteristics of the ducted tail rotor. Thus, the designers were provided with a firmer basis for choosing the optimum parameters of this unit.

Several aerodynamic tests were carried out for Ka-62, enabling a significant reduction of the hull’s aerodynamic drag, and providing an optimized operation of the main rotor and the tail rotor.

A large amount of work was done to ground the rotorcraft’s structure matching to the Airworthiness Standards for Transport Rotorcraft, particularly to those related to structure and strength. TsAGI’s specialists for strength profoundly researched certification programs and reports. Alongside the National Helicopter Center Mil&Kamov, TsAGI formed re-calculation methods for the previous test results, to ground the strength of the tail boom modified structure. Safety coefficients were determined for different units. Further work for life delimitation was planned.

The new Ka-62 medium multi-purpose rotorcraft has a single-rotor configuration with a multi-blade ducted tail rotor. It has a five-bladed main rotor, a secondary hydraulic circuit, wheeled chassis with increased energy intensity, a stronger structure of fuselage and main units’ attachment points, and shock-absorbing seats for the crew and passengers. The helicopter is designed for cargo transportation, emergency medical assistance, aerial work and surveillance; it can be used for the oil-and-gas industry, rescue operations, and corporate needs.

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