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MAKS-2021: TsAGI – Opening the Salon

20 July 2021

This date has been marked with the opening of MAKS-2021, the 15th International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021; TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) participates in it. Remarkable and iconic for the aerospace industry, the Salon was attended by Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation. The summit delegation included Boris Aleshin, Chairman of the Supervisory Board (NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”), Academician of the RAS; and Andrey Dutov, Director General of the NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”. Mr. President was shown the achievements by Russian aviation industry.

This year, MAKS-2021 is partnered by the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The first day included a discussion between heads of TsAGI and representatives of Kazakhstan top aviation enterprises. The parties discussed cooperation areas in UAV and flight-simulator development, as well as initiative related to space technologies. The negotiations ended with signing cooperation agreements.

TsAGI is a traditional participant of the Salon. This year, the Institute showed innovative developments related to supersonic civil aviation. One of the main exhibits was a large-scale model of integrated technology demonstrator of a supersonic transport. TsAGI’s exposition was visited by Oleg Bocharov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. National and regional mass media focused on the WCRC organizations’ co-exhibition that day, including NTV, RIA-Novosti, as well as online media, printed specialized publications, etc.

At MAKS-2021, TsAGI’s wide business program implies conference participation, negotiating and meeting with Russian and foreign programs.

The seminar titled ‘Advanced structures of civil aircraft’ continues its work at the Salon. Having started on July 19 at TsAGITech, the three-day event focuses on forming technological advance in research of strength characteristics of a high-speed civil aircraft.

On July, 20, TsAGI’s exhibition was visited by over 300 people, representing Russian and foreign organizations.

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