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MAKS-2021: TsAGI Holds ‘WCRC Supersonic: Challenges of Supersonic Flight’ Round Table

19 July 2021

On July 19, TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) organized ‘WCRC Supersonic: Challenges of Supersonic Flight’, a round table which was held in Moscow within the Fourth Eurasian Aerospace Congress. The round table was moderated by Sergey Chernyshev, Chief Scientific Officer (TsAGI), Academician of the RAS.

The meeting was opened by Kirill Sypalo, General Director (TsAGI), Corresponding Member of the RAS.

‘The WCRC has planned research within the areas related to the future supersonic aviation, such as: reducing sonic boom, environmental noise and pollutants; increasing efficiency of propulsions; etc. We are to elaborate breakthrough environmental and economic characteristics of a supersonic transport (SST) which are necessary for its production. These key criteria are expected to be achieved by solving fundamental, exploratory, and applied research-and-technology tasks,’ said Kirill Sypalo.

The meeting was attended by Laurent Bochereau, Science Advisor of the EU Delegation to the Russian Federation. In his opening speech, Mr. Bochereau highlighted the importance and significance of such meetings, and underlined the urgent need for international cooperation in such strategically-important research areas as development of SST.

The participants discussed the challenges and key areas of research led by WCRC ‘Supersonic’ laboratories. For example, V. Sudakov (Laboratory 1: Aerodynamics and concept design of low-sonic-boom supersonic transport) talked on such activity areas as SST configurations, study of shockwave profiles, sonic-boom simulation, three-factor (‘sonic boom—drag—noise’) aircraft optimization, etc.

Laboratory 2, Aeroacoustics and vibrations, focused on studying results of turbulence models and on their adaptation to noise-generation theories, as well as on overview of methods for calculating jet noise produced by low-bypass-ratio engine, etc.

Laboratory 3 was represented by V. Matveenko (Scientific Supervisor, Perm Federal Research Center of UB RAS; Head of Laboratory 3, WCRC ‘Supersonic’; Academician of the RAS). Mr. Matveenko overviewed the research areas of the Perm Federal Research Center, and reported on achievements by Laboratory 3 within ‘Bionic and intelligent structures in civil aviation’ area.

Representatives of Laboratory 4 and Laboratory 5 also talked on aims and achievements within their areas of research, ‘Gas dynamics and propulsion’ and ‘Smart Control and Flight Safety’, correspondingly.

The meeting ended with an open discussion on key challenges of creating a next-generation

‘The fruitful dialog related to supersonic aviation will allow finding the ways to cooperate and to work together both with Russian and foreign partners,’ concluded B. Aleshin, Chairman of the Advisory Board (NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”), Academician of the RAS.

The round table was co-organized by WCRC ‘Supersonic’ Consortium members: CIAM, GoSNIIAS (the parts of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”), MAI, MSU, PFRC UB RAS, and Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of the RAS.

The WCRC ‘Supersonic’ was initiated by TsAGI; the Institute also coordinates the Consortium. The project is implemented from 2020 to 2025. The expected outcomes of the Center’s activities are: innovative futuristic SST designs of low-sonic-boom and low-noise aircraft, multi-criteria aircraft design technology, a flight-deck information display system based on computer vision and augmented reality, etc.

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