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The research cycle of light convertible aircraft with modified controls has been completed

14 June 2018

Specialists of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute continue researching the mockup of light convertible aircraft. In the long term, this aircraft can be used both for passenger and cargo transportation without modification of the standard design. The aircraft is designed to carry 50 passengers or six tons of cargoes. Cruise speed will be 480 km/h. The light convertible aircraft can replace the outdated An-24/26 as a commuter and regional air transport in Russia.

The experiments were carried out under a government contract with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia using TsAGI’s low-speed wind tunnel.

Institute scientists studied the aerodynamic characteristics of the mockup with modified controls for the cruising, take-off and landing configurations of the wing and empennage. The research was aimed at improving effectiveness of the controls. The tests demonstrated that the measures taken to modify the ailerons, rudders and elevators ensured the performance previously calculated during design studies.

Earlier, the Institute specialists conducted research to obtain information on take-off and landing, as well as cruse characteristics of the aircraft. After that, scientists studied the isolated aircraft fuselage and the propeller during climb and when exposed to cross wind. The research proved high aerodynamic performance of the new generation aircraft within an extensive range of angles of attack and sideslip angles.

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