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Irkut PJSC’s Lab at TsAGITech: Expanding Competencies

24 July 2023

Today, close cooperation between research and industrial organizations is a trend in high-tech industrial development. Providing a synthesis of best practices and approaches, it opens new prospects for strategic areas, including aviation. Opening Irkut PJSC’s Research-and-Production Laboratory at TsAGITech (TsAGI is a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) is an example of successful cooperation.

The new TsAGITech resident focuses on maintenance and repair of components of contemporary aircraft, such as SSJ100, SSJ-NEW (the modification being created under import substitution program), and the newest MC-21 airliner. In particular, it concerns work with flight and navigation instruments, aircraft communication system, aircraft lights, indicating system, flight data recorders, autopilot, etc. Furthermore, the Laboratory will embrace the area related to the avionics used in aircraft control systems, landing gear, power supply, air conditioning, etc.

At TsAGITech, the Irkut’s Laboratory is divided into zones according to the activity areas and the types of units maintained. For instance, it has a domestically-produced ground control and diagnostics facility for avionics bench tests. The facility provides a deep analysis of failed avionics modules up to a replaceable unit, such as a module or a board.

Such technologies have never been mastered in Russia before—the work was carried out only by foreign enterprises. This will strengthen import independence of domestic aviation and will greatly expand the competencies in domestic aircraft operation.

‘TsAGITech hosted the Irkut Corporation—the super-anchor resident and a giant of Russian aviation industry—and it is a great driver for developing and mastering new activity areas. Most valuably, other innovation companies and startups based at TsAGITech will be able to get involved into top global industrial aviation programs, and into development of import independence of the industry. In turn, the cooperation will allow using cutting-edge research-and-technology advance, which TsAGI scientists could offer, to solve specific applied tasks,’ said Dmitry Chernyshev, Head at TsAGITech.

Follow the link for more information on TsAGITech.

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