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TsAGI at ‘Engineers of the Future – 2023’ Forum

12 July 2023

To involve actively young people into development of strategic industries is a key goal of the Decade of Science and Technology, announced by the President of the Russian Federation for 2022–2031 in Russia. Machine-building complex is an area where the potential of new-generation specialists could be applied. To that end, the 11th International Youth Industrial Forum “Engineers of the Future — 2023” was organized, where TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) delegates were involved. The Forum took place in the Tula region from June 23 to July 3.

The goal of the large-scale meeting of young specialists is to join efforts to implement advanced high-tech projects and to broaden the professional knowledge and skills for solving national top-priority tasks under import independence. Like in previous years, TsAGI traditionally took part in the Forum and was involved in shaping the program.

TsAGI organized three faculties within educational program. Organized jointly with CIAM and Roscosmos, the Aerospace Faculty had the format of special courses on industrial technologies, aerodynamic design, the study of flight dynamics and engine operation features, computer modeling, laboratory activities and practice. The attendees could show the acquired skills by launching rocket models with recovery systems; the results were assessed at aerospace project competition.

Like a year ago, young specialists from TsAGI and CIAM organized an English-speaking Faculty of International Cooperation. Dmitry Chernyshev, Head of Innovative Infrastructure at TsAGI, was an invited expert. He shared his experience of studying abroad and working in a multinational team, and spoke on achievements of TsAGITech as a unique platform uniting science, education and innovation. The faculty embraced students from different countries, such as Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, etc. They united into multinational teams and presented their projects to the jury. The winners received awards; all the attendees got certificates.

For the first time, TsAGI has organized the Faculty of Science & Engineering at the forum; this Faculty aimed to develop the skills of searching the best science-based approaches on the example of creating small low-speed aircraft. The educational program ended with launch of radio-controlled aircraft and competition of innovative research-and-technology projects.

‘The teams had to justify their solutions and to prove their best appropriateness for the tasks. The participants had to use non-standard approaches and aerodynamic layouts to comply with multiple assessment criteria, such as the lightest aircraft, design, flight range, airborne time, etc.,’ said Cand. Sc. Vitaly Gubsky (Head of Head of Division, Department for Aircraft Aerodynamics, TsAGI), co-organizer of TsAGI’s program at the Forum.

TsAGI organized both educational and business program at the Forum. In particular, it held a round table titled ‘Transport of the Future’, with Dmitry Chernyshev acting as a speaker. Experts from the Institute also estimated the projects at the second stage of the National Research-and-Technology Conference, which considers aviation and aerospace areas.

The International Industrial Forum ‘Engineers of the Future’ has been held by Russian Engineering Union since 2011. The Forum aims at improving the position of young specialists in industrial development and usage of research-and-educational capabilities for a comprehensive involvement of youth into innovative development of machine-building complex. The Forum increases young employees’ professional activity and contributes to implementation of their initiatives and innovative projects.

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