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TsAGI Takes Part in 11th Russian National Congress of Councils of Young Scientists, Student Research Communities

6 July 2023

Involving young talents into R&D is an important step towards the development of any area of science. In turn, young scientists need new ways of interaction to solve scientific, business and regional problems. To discuss the ways of developing these areas, young specialists took part in the 11th Russian National Congress of Councils of Young Scientists and Student Research Communities. Aimed to implement the tasks of the Decade of Science and Technology, the Congress was held from June 21 to 24 in Nizhny Novgorod. Young specialists from TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) also took part in it.

The Congress brought together councils of young scientists and student research communities, the Coordinating Council for Youth Affairs in Research and Education (a part of the Presidential Council for Science and Education), the Association of Laureates of Presidential Prize in Science and Innovation for Young Scientists, winners of the Science Track in ‘Leaders of Russia’ competition, and science volunteers.

A science popularization lecture on fluid motion control was given by Ivan Amelyushkin (Senior Researcher, TsAGI; Acting Head, Division for Aerophysics of Multiphase Flows, Rarefied Gases and Plasmas; Chairman of Research-and-Technology Committee, Council of Young Scientists and Specialists, TsAGI). His lecture considered the core methods and physical basis of controlling the motion of matter aimed to improve efficiency and to optimize multiple technological processes; moreover, he showed physical experiments. His lecture is based on a semester lecture-and-seminar course, which has been taught at MIPT since 2016.

Oleg Vinogradov (Junior Researcher, TsAGI; Chairman of Council of Young Scientists and Specialists, TsAGI) visited the Congress to present the initiative to establish science tourism in Moscow region; the initiative is being developed by a team of Young Scientists who member the regional Councils.

‘TsAGI should become a center of gravity in science tourism. The leading center for aviation science is putting great effort to get closer to the young audience. For instance, it holds yearly Doors Open Days to show its largest test facilities to young people. The Demonstration Center is also working successfully; it is implementing tour programs, exhibition projects and other initiatives that stimulate the involvement of students and schoolchildren into the world of science,’ said Oleg Vinogradov.

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