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TsAGI Scientists Take Part in Conference on Dynamics and Vibroacoustics of Machines

13 October 2022

Research into aeroacoustics is a key area of scientific activity of TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”). The latest results within the area were presented by TsAGI scientists at the 6th International Conference on Dynamics and Vibroacoustics of Machines. The event was held in Samara late September.

D. Sc., Prof. Viktor Kopyev, Head for Aircraft Aeroacoustics and Ecology, participated in the Conference, with the report titled ‘Landing noise of modern aircraft: laboratory experiments and flight tests’. He spoke on modeling noise sources in the TsAGI acoustic chamber, and on test results obtained with other TsAGI facilities, and a flight test. ‘Determining noise sources is a difficult task at aircraft landing. The best solution is the field measurements with multi-microphone array, and TsAGI has a unique experience here,’ said Victor Kopyev.

Another report was made by Valery Chernykh, Leading Researcher for Aircraft Aeroacoustics and Ecology (TsAGI). He reviewed the test results assessing acoustics and vibroacoustics of multilayer composite panels. These characteristics proved to be universal.

The International Conference on Dynamics and Vibroacoustics of Machines focused on theoretical and experimental research related to machine dynamics, control, development of pneumohydraulic systems and mechatronic modules, and the solution of noise and vibration problems. The participants also discussed fundamental problems of dynamics and vibroacoustics, dynamics and regulation of pneumohydraulic systems, adaptive and optimal control; problems of noise, vibration, aeroacoustics, hydroacoustics, etc. The conference was hosted by Samara University with support of the international scientific organizations—IEEE and GFPS.

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