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TsAGITech Holds Final of Mind Power Conference

10 October 2022

Ensuring the technological leadership of the country today largely depends on young researchers and innovators whose ideas and projects may boost the development of science, industry and economy. Developing the competences of new-generation of scientists and engineers was the key point of Mind Power Conference whose final was hosted by TsAGITech (TsAGI is a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”). The Conference was timed to coincide with 75-year anniversary of Zhukovsky Science City.

According to D. Sc. Aleksandr Medvedsky, First Deputy Director General of TsAGI, ‘the Industry needs today the ability to think beyond the stereotypes and to link effectively the proven technologies with cutting-edge innovations. Indeed, many participants will contribute to its development, and the experience obtained during the Conference will help them do that.’

The participants were also addressed by Ekaterina Doronina, Head for National Research & Research-and-Educational Policy Development, Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation; by Aleksey Eroshok, Ministry of Investment, Industry and Science of the Moscow Region; and by Ekaterina Demidova, Head of the Regional Development Department of the Skolkovo Foundation. The Mind Power Conference was moderated by Dmitry Chernyshev, Head of Innovative Infrastructure and Technologies.

The Conference started with a business lunch and a later trip for the participants to visit the high-tech companies. At TsAGITech, scientists and engineers were informed about the residents hosted by the innovation platform, including its anchor resident, NIK Research-and-Engineering Company. The trip also included visits to the Center for Prototyping and Additive Technologies, to the Dynamics R&T Service Center, and to TsAGI Demonstration Center which has an exposition about the Institute’s history and its current work areas.

The program focused on pitch presentations of projects—the format included the presentation itself and answers to the questions by the experts representing support funds for innovative products and solutions. Best startups were selected during the Conference, including the project of Meteosonic portable weather station. It has an ultrasonic air thermometer and a 3D vector wind velocity measuring tool, and combines hardware-and-software solutions making the design easier and less costly. The jury also selected Yegorych, a digital education-and-practice platform designed for training and doing complex calculations within single virtual environment. Another recognized project was the Hyper-Pressure Pipeline Fitting, based on the new principles providing leak proof for detachable fixed and movable joints.

The Conference was represented by three funds—a state fund and two private venture funds. Research, Innovation and Technology Promotion Fund, jointly with the Techno-Leader Training Center, established a separate nomination for three top projects and provided subsidies for their development.

Aimed at development and acceleration of innovative projects, the Conference started late June. It had theoretical and practical educational modules, including online modules and team-building business games. The participants learned many competences, such as the basis of research-and-innovation management, the high-tech project development and implementation stages, financial tools for its development, and the knowledge related to intellectual property protection.

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