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TsAGI–Tupolev: Tu-134 Short-Range Passenger Jet

7 October 2022

  • Исследования аэродинамических характеристик Ту-134 в аэродинамической трубе Т-106 Исследования аэродинамических характеристик Ту-134 в аэродинамической трубе Т-106

For its long narrow fuselage and typical high sound of engine, the aircraft was commonly labeled as ‘hipster’ and ‘whistle’. This aircraft was used by the Government of the country, and was filmed a number of times—for instance, it delivered the main hero of Eldar Ryazanov’s movie, The Irony of Fate, from Moscow to Leningrad.

Tu‑134 is one of the most massively-produced domestic passenger jets. It became iconic not only for the domestic aviation but also for the Soviet aircraft engineering thought.

TsAGI and Tupolev Design Bureau jointly worked to create the new short-range aircraft from 1961 to 1963. The engineers and scientists faced a number of tasks, including the main challenge to move the propulsion to the afterbody. First of all, this provided better comfort by reducing noise in the cabin, and increased some aerodynamic characteristics. The aircraft also stood out by its T-shaped empennage and the fuel stored in integral tanks. Tupolev used rudder power unit in this aircraft for the first time, replacing the control cable.

Tu‑134 had its maiden flight on July 29, 1963. Its mass production started as early as in 1966. The aircraft had different modifications, including passenger and special-purpose aircraft, flying laboratory; it was also used by the Air Force schools. Moreover, Tu‑134 and all its modifications were the first internationally-certified domestic aircraft.

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