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TsAGI Specialist Wins Two Russian National Ship Modeling Competitions

6 October 2022

Specialist from TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) won the Top-Rank Russian National Ship Modeling Competition which was held in Penza in September.

The regulations of the high-speed FSR-V class ship modeling competition set two 20-minute semifinal races and the final one. 12 top-rankers compete in the final where the winner is determined during a 30-minute race by the biggest number of laps.

In the class of high-speed remote control racing ship models with 7.5-cm3 engines, best result was shown by Leonid Kalinin, Head of Ship Modeling Classes, TsAGITech; Specialists for Developing and Testing Projects of Wind Tunnels and Test Facilities, TsAGI; Candidate for Master in Ship Modeling Sports. In his challenge, he outscored his closest competitor by one lap, covering 81 laps totally.

Previously, Leonid Kalinin had proved his leadership this year in his class at Russian Ship Modeling Cup in Kimry town, Tver Region. During that competition, the leaders were also determined in three days. The weather was favorable to the sportspeople, and a real battle broke out on still waters. His piloting experience and the technically-perfect model allowed Leonid Kalinin to leave all his competitors far behind.

‘There are several different components in the high-speed races where model velocity reaches 70 kph and more. They include not only velocity but also tactics, model piloting skills, pilot’s mental strength, technological reliability and hydrodynamic flawlessness of model hull structure,’ says Leonid Kalinin. ‘The model is made especially for the race; it is first technically adjusted and then hydrodynamics and propellers are tuned. Immediately before starting, the model is additionally tuned according to the weather.’

The Russian Cup and the Top-Rank Modeling Competition comprise the year’s key challenges for ship modelers. Russian Regional and National Ship Modeling teams are determined according to the results of the three starts, including the Russian Ship Modeling Championship.

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