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TsAGI Postgraduate Education Celebrates 90 Years

5 October 2022

Professional development of scientific employees is among priorities of TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”). The task is solved by TsAGI Postgraduate Education, which is to celebrate its 90-year anniversary in November. On September 26 and 27, an academic workshop for young scientists was held, timed to coincide with the anniversary. It was hosted at TsAGI, and commemorated D. Sc. Appolinariy Martynov, the recognized scientist who headed the Postgraduate Education from 1949 to 1991.

The workshop united postgraduates who presented results of their research conducted by guidance of TsAGI scientists. The program embraced a wide range of topics matching Postgraduate Education areas: aircraft aerodynamics and thermal exchange processes, fluid and plasma mechanics, aircraft strength and thermal modes; and aircraft dynamics, ballistics and control.

‘The Postgraduate Education of our Institute is interdisciplinary and multi-tasking, yet its mission has remained unchanged for the 90 years—meeting the need for scientific personnel. Currently, it has over 70 full-time and part-time postgraduates specialized within five scientific areas. The number of timely-defended theses is growing each year; admission quotas for full-time nationally-funded education is increasing; cooperation is being established with educational organizations and industrial enterprises,’ said Workshop Organizing Committee Chairman Sergey Chernyshev (Academician of the RAS, Chief Scientific Officer at TsAGI) in his opening speech.

TsAGI postgraduate students presented more than 40 reports, including a study evaluating the efficiency of a new technical solution for single-rotor helicopters with a tail rotor. The results obtained can be useful for improving the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft, as well as stability and controllability. Another topic was the assessment of the impact of the propeller on the flow around the V-tail.

In addition, young scientists of the Institute shared their scientific results on the development of an environment for multidisciplinary analysis of aircraft characteristics at the early stages of design. This is a platform that can provide the user with ample opportunities for analyzing the characteristics of the aircraft, storing, processing and transmitting data.

The TsAGI Postgraduate School was founded on November 2, 1932. It is the main form of training of scientific personnel for the aviation science center. Students having a higher professional education, confirmed by a diploma of a specialist or a master, are admitted to postgraduate studies on a competitive basis.

For more details on TsAGI’s Postgraduate Program, click here.

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