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TsAGI Employees Awarded for Their Industrial Merits

1 July 2022

To create and develop the technological advance for the benefit of Russian aviation industry makes a key mission of TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”). Heads and specialists of this Institute are regularly awarded for their merits in the industry. A regular award ceremony took place within TsAGI’s Scientific Council meeting late June.

Kirill Sypalo, Director General of TsAGI and Corresponding Member of RAS, and Yelena Pudalova, Head for Advanced Development at TsAGI, received appreciation letters from Russian President for their active involvement in organizing events within Russia’s Year of Science and Technology in 2021.

Merits of TsAGI employees were also awarded by the Moscow Regional Government. For their high professional achievements and major contribution to the development of national aerospace science and technology, Mikhail Zichenkov (Deputy Director General, Head of Strength Complex, TsAGI) and Mikhail Golovkin (Chief Researcher for Integrated Rotorcraft R&D) were titled as the Honored Scientists of Moscow Region. Apart from that, the Institute employees’ activity was remarked with Acknowledgment Letter and Appreciation Letter from the Government of Moscow Region.

Appreciation Letters were also given by the Ministry of Investment, Industry and Science of Moscow Region. Some employees received Acknowledgment Letters from Russian Federal Agency for Air Transport.

A full list of the persons awarded can be found here

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