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TsAGI, CIAM Specialists to Take Part in ‘Engineers of the Future’ International Forum

27 June 2022

How can breakthrough ideas be implemented when designing your own aircraft? What engineering design knowledge would be necessary for this? Young scientists from TsAGI and CIAM (both organizations are parts of the NRC ‘Zhukovsky Institute) will speak on this at the Aerospace Faculty within the 10th International Youth Industrial Forum ‘Engineers of the Future 2022’.

Top specialists from TsAGI and CIAM have prepared their educational program on aerodynamics of aircraft and aircraft engine. Presentations will be shown to the attendees by experts in aerodynamics, structural strength, manufacturing technology and computer modeling related to aircraft and engines. The Faculty will include several training areas, such as engine design, research methods, study of aerodynamic effects, as well as modern trends and new technologies in aircraft design. Expectedly, training will be completed by about 150 people from different industries. As an exam, the future engineers will design their own aircraft and defend their projects.

Business program is expected to be rich. Representatives from TsAGI and CIAM will hold a round table on development trends and prospects of aerospace engines. Top scientists from TsAGI, CIAM, ITAM SB RAS, Bauman MSTU, and other organizations will be the speakers.

Furthermore, the Forum will include a second stage of project defense within the 12th National R&T Conference where TsAGI and CIAM experts will assess the projects related to aircraft and aerospace industries. Totally, the Conference will include 14 areas within which the R&D projects were submitted—including automobile industry, shipbuilding equipment, marine equipment, transport engineering, heavy engineering, etc.

Since 2015, TsAGI and CIAM have prepared their own unique program for each forum. They have so far presented such topics as: Research and Test Development of Aircraft, Computer Design and Simulation of Aircraft Motion, Innovative Aircraft Vehicle Project Development, etc. This year’s program stands out in terms of integrated methods of designing aircraft airframe and engine for a deep analysis and elaboration of a unique project to defend at the Faculty.

The 10th International Youth Industrial Forum ‘Engineers of the Future’ will be held from June 27 to July 7 at the Shakhtyor recreational compound located in Bunyryovo settlement, Aleksinsky District, Tula Oblast. It is officially organized and co-organized by Russian Engineering Union, Rostec, the Rosmolodezh Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Government of Tula Region and by the League for Assistance to Defense Enterprises. The 2022 Forum is expected to gather about 1,500 participants, speakers and guests.

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