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TsAGI Takes Part in SSJ NEW Suppliers’ Conference

23 June 2022


Kirill Sypalo, Director General at TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) and Corresponding Member of the RAS, participated in conference of suppliers of systems and units within the SSJ NEW program. The conference was held late May in Komsomolsk-on-Amur at the Manufacturing Center of the Irkut Corporation’s Regional Aircraft branch. Aleksandr Medvedsky, First Deputy General Director at TsAGI, also took part in the event.

На конференции были затронуты вопросы, связанные с реализацией программ по разработке и поставке опытных экземпляров импортозамещенных систем и компонентов в рамках программы SSJ NEW. Участники обсудили основные этапы, текущий статус и перспективы развития программы. Кроме того, в фокусе внимания специалистов находились вопросы, связанные с подготовкой серийного производства систем и компонентов, организацией производства воздушного судна и формированием системы послепродажного обслуживания.

The conference touched upon issues related to the implementation of programs aimed at development and delivery of prototypes of import substituted systems and components under the SSJ NEW program. The participants discussed the main stages, current status and prospects of the program development. In addition, they focused on issues related to preparation for series production of systems and components, organization of the aircraft production and formation of the after-sales service system.

Aleksandr Medvedsky reported on the Institute’s feasibility evaluation study related to the RRJ-95NEW-100 airframe type design modifications in the last two years. These activities aim at better lifecycle and operational performance of an aircraft. In addition, the scientist spoke on TsAGI activities related to the maiden flight and certification of an aircraft modified with maximum amount of import‑substituted units and systems. Aleksandr Medvedsky also spoke on progress of preparing TsAGI’s test facilities and equipment for bench tests.

‘The interaction between TsAGI and the Regional Aircraft branch is strategically important for the efficiency and competitiveness of domestic aircraft. This is an example of fruitful cooperation in solving science-intensive tasks, where TsAGI acted as the general scientific partner involving specialists from almost every its department. I am sure that the work done will serve as a base for further multidisciplinary research for the benefit of the aviation industry,’ said Kirill Sypalo.

‘The conference aimed to set direct contacts between the cooperating enterprises, and to share the experience of SSJ100 production and service acquired by the Regional Aircraft branch for the decades-longer project history. In this regard, our cooperation with TsAGI can be a positive example—it has continued since the dawn of the SSJ100 program, and includes the activities on the SSJ NEW aircraft,’ said Alexander Dolotovsky, Deputy Director for Development, Regional Aircraft branch, Irkut Corporation.

Over 30 Russian aerospace and instrument-making companies are involved in delivery of components for the SuperJet import-substituted modification. To share the experience, a tour on SSJ100 production line was organized to show the first SSJ NEW prototypes being already on the assembly line.

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