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TsAGI Carrying Out Active HR Policy

20 June 2022


Russia’s successful technological development is only possible with reliance on recognized schools of science and highly-qualified young talents. Corporate strategy of TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) has intrinsically included keeping schools of science and accumulated experience, as well as involving young professionals. The Institute holds annual target recruitment of students, develops its own guidance system, and helps its recently-employed staff members adapt at their workplace.

Within its HR policy, TsAGI had a visit by specialist degree students and undergraduates educating under Aircraft Engineering specialization at Aviation Engineering, MAI’s Institute No. 1. The visit was organized by HR Sector for Youth Policy, TsAGI.

Future aircraft builders got acquainted with TsAGI test facilities. Having visited T-101, Europe’s largest wind tunnel, the T-105 vertical wind tunnel, static test laboratory, strength test laboratory and flight simulators, the young people got the basic idea of the facilities that would provide them with the results to rely on in their work. At TsAGI’s Demonstration Center, the students were informed on the history of the Institute, on its work areas and core competencies.

The visitors included target students from leading aircraft enterprises, such as Tupolev, Ilyushin Aviation Complex, Rostec’s UAC, etc.

‘TsAGI actively supports and stimulates the youngsters’ interest towards its activities. The more schoolchildren and students are interested to work at the Institute, the more potential employees will be attracted to aircraft engineering. And this area is one of the most rapidly developing. Our country is entering a new historic epoch which will greatly demand all the scientific and industrial areas. Indeed, this is the best time for the youngsters who have just started thinking of their future career choice. In turn, we are ready to support their activities in different areas of aeronautics, such as fundamental research, applied research, designing, and manufacturing and testing of aircraft models. TsAGI cooperates fruitfully with MIPT’s Institute of Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering, with Bauman Moscow State Technical University, and with Moscow Power Engineering Institute. As for MAI, we have had a years-long joint cooperation both in research areas and in qualified personnel training for the domestic aircraft industry,’ said Vladislav Maksimov, Deputy General Director, HR and Social Policy, TsAGI.

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