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TsAGI Tests Demonstrator of Advanced Small Aircraft Wing Basic Structure

9 June 2022

Specialists at TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) studied strength performance of small local advanced aircraft wing box demonstrator. The work is carried out under the R&D, Research into innovative technologies and aircraft concepts aimed at creation of structural/technological platform of new-generation small aircraft (code: MANGo-TsAGI), under contract with the NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”.

At the first stage, TsAGI’s Research-and-Manufacturing Complex designed and manufactured a 9-passenger regional aircraft wing box demonstrator from Russian composites, within the Integrated research into and shape of technological advance for creation of new-generation small aircraft, code: MA 19-20.

The studied bionically-based wing box structure is remarked with protection of main composite structural units of the wing: two spars with widely-spaced (for less weight) ribs—multilayered shaping skin panels protecting from damage up to 50 Joules. In addition, an effective solution was applied by replacing mechanical joints by glued ones. The demonstrator was created by two platforms: the spars were made at SibNIA named after S. A. Chaplygin in Novosibirsk with autoclave molding, and the other elements were made by TsAGI with vacuum infusion.

The next step was to determine the actual rigidity of the wing box necessary for confirming the calculations. In particular, bending and twisting stiffness was installed during tests; so were the coefficients of elasticity impact. Preliminary analysis of results has shown perfect matching between the tests and the calculations.

Then, the demonstrator was statically tested for such cases as straight/reverse bending moment and twisting. The wing box was exposed to the ultimate operational loads that may affect aircraft wing during flight. According to the preliminary results of the tests, the composite wing box could bear all the loads without any damage or residual strain.

‘For the first time, we have manufactured and tested the demonstrator of load-bearing wing structure made with Russian composites. The results of the tests will be used for enhancing technology of designing and manufacturing such structures,’ said Yuri Yevdokimov, Head for Design and Manufacturing, R&T Center, Research-and-Manufacturing Complex, TsAGI.

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