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TsAGI Celebrates Children's Day

2 June 2022


In TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”), the rising generation is a target audience for the corporate social policy. The International Children’s Day is a good reason to report on TsAGI’s main projects in this area.

The leading center for aviation science, TsAGI stimulates children’s and the youngsters’ interest towards job orienting. This is achieved by trips, lectures, competitions, master classes and other events held at the Institute. A specific example of that is the work by TsAGI Demonstration Center where the young guests can learn about the history of aviation and the activities of the Institute. The annual Doors Open Days for schoolchildren and students essentially contribute to job orienting as they allow seeing the test facilities and understanding the essentials about TsAGI’s activities.

TsAGIStart, the innovative technological center based on TsAGITech, makes another platform created for the younger generation. It hosts events and tutorials on aircraft modeling, naval modeling, unmanned robotic systems, software and other areas.

For preschoolers, the Institute has its own kindergarten which works under the main preschool education programs. Many efforts are aimed at children’s health—an annual recreation program is held by TsAGI’s Salute Complex, which is located at Kazansky natural historic forest park.

TsAGI also holds special events at the International Children’s Day—and this year was not an exception. On June 1, TsAGI’s Primary Trade Union organized a boat trip along the Moscow River for children and their parents who work at the Institute. The program considered the interests of all-age guests: the elderly could learn more by the river trip, and the youngsters were able to know about the boat’s operating principles. Games and quizzes were also organized for the youngsters; the winners were awarded with memorable prizes.

‘This event is a traditional symbolic celebration of caring about children and our future. Both children and their parents like the idea of spending the day with their closest ones among the Moscow River beautiful sceneries. We are glad to receive such a positive feedback as it motivates us to make new projects and initiatives,’ said Georgy Kudryavtsev, Chairman at the Primary Trade Union, TsAGI.

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