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TsAGI Scientists Developing RPAS Autonomous Flight Regulations

1 June 2022

There has been an increasing demand for RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems), which can be applied in a number of areas—yet they can take off so far only if an operator controls them. Specialists are researching the ways to provide a fully automated AI-based control over a UAV. This requires both technological breakthroughs and significant improvements in this particular legislative area—first of all, to provide a comprehensive autonomous flight safety. Indeed, TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) is making its own contribution to the challenge.

TsAGI scientists focus on shaping approaches to legal regulation of RPAS autonomous flights, i.e. the flights controlled completely by AI, without human operator. The topic was reflected in a report by Vladimir Shibayev (Head of RPAS R&D Center, TsAGI) and Mark Ovsyannikov (Head of Sector, RPAS R&D Center, TsAGI), delivered at Moscow’s 9th Eurasian International Conference ‘Unmanned Aviation — 2022’.

‘The specialists will need to answer some basic questions. Who will be responsible for flight safety of an AI-controlled UAV? How can airborne AI be made trustworthy? How can ethical aspect be implemented into airborne AI qualification procedures? Apart from adapting legislative, regulatory and technical basis, there is another task: to integrate AI developer organizations (which have no aviation safety culture) into aviation industry,’ said Mark Ovsyannikov.

Apart from that, the scientist reported on tasks that autonomous unmanned air vehicles can solve at the very initial stages of implementing AI. These tasks include smart support for remote operator at low-visibility landing, or voice recognition by air traffic control services. Artificial intelligence will be able to gather and process meteorological data, and to find and classify RPAS structural damage with image processing.

The Conference also dealt with global trends of RPAS industry development during post-pandemic recovery, air traffic management, flight safety, future urban air mobility, and so on. No less important are the activities aimed at enhancing Russia’s legislative, regulatory and technical basis related to RPAS. Totally, over 100 timely topics were reported.

‘Unmanned Aviation — 2022’ is the largest international conference and exhibition for a professional discussion of all legislative regulatory aspects linked to UAV production and application, presentation of trends and innovative solutions.

The conference and the exhibition are the key international RPAS-related industrial events, which are traditionally attended by organizations from Russia, the CIS, Europe, Asia and other regions.

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