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TsAGI Takes Part in 2022 Modern Russian Avionics Forum

31 May 2022

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TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) participated in the third 2022 Modern Russian Avionics Forum. It focused on the current state of aviation industry and was held late April in St. Petersburg.

The forum was opened with a plenary discussion, ‘Avionics in the Times of Change’, where experts considered possible tactics and strategy for stable development of Russian aviation industry. The steps included import substitution of the equipment, systems and units, creation of domestic software, prompt implementation of technologies in modern reality, etc.

Aleksandra Gavrilova, Engineer at TsAGI’s R&D RPAS Center, reported on new approaches to the development of algorithms of automatic control systems for transport rotorcraft (coauthors: V. Shibayev, D. Apollonov, A. Parfentiy, and K. Bibikova).

According to her, TsAGI continues its work on widening autopilot functions both for piloted and unmanned rotorcraft. Previously, scientists from TsAGI and Navigator Company created and tested with flight simulators a number of automatic flight control system algorithms. In particular, they studied methods providing upset recovery into horizontal flight and adaptability of the algorithms based on sliding mode and fuzzy logic.

‘We tested our software in MATLAB/Simulink (an interactive model-based design environment). A unique airborne algorithm was created to recover the rotorcraft from upset into horizontal flight, implementing the procedure not traditionally (i.e. by subsequently changed roll, pitch and yaw angles) but with a quaternion-based description of rotorcraft angular position (quaternions are the hypercomplex number system shaping a four-dimensional vector space). When used in an airborne system, these vector characteristics provide a quick single-turn rotorcraft recovery into horizontal position,’ said Aleksandra Gavrilova.

Currently, TsAGI scientists are getting ready to implement the autopilot algorithms on semi-natural flight simulator by Navigator Company, the software that can also be applied in UAV airborne systems. For this work presented at the Forum, specialists at the R&D RPAS Center were nominated for the most fundamental report.

The Forum was also represented by aviation industry enterprises, state companies, R&D organizations and universities, such as Rosoboronexport, Rostec, Mil and Kamov, Irkut, UZGA, Kronstadt, Tupolev, Sukhoi, Aeroflot, etc. The topics included development and modernization of avionics, multifunctional airborne systems, flight safety systems, systems of indication, navigation, landing, etc. Safety of UAVs and their civil application in cargo freight, monitoring and forest protection were discussed at a separate track of the Forum.

The Modern Russian Avionics Forum is a platform for dialogue between avionics professionals, business people, government, mass media, universities and public organizations interested in developing safe state-of-the-art domestic avionics. Apart from that, it includes a tradition expo of projects by industrialists, university representatives and young engineers. The Forum is traditionally organized by Navigator Company.

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