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‘Depicting TsAGI. 75th Zhukovsky Town Anniversary’ Children Painting Competition Winners Awarded

27 May 2022

Creative gifts to the home town’s anniversary were the drawings by children participating in the competition. Glorious monuments, bright colors, cheerful mood, colorful fireworks, aerobatic teams and wind tunnels—so was Zhukovsky depicted in the drawings by children and grandchildren of the employees at TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) in the competition ‘Depicting TsAGI. 75th Zhukovsky Town Anniversary’. The award ceremony took place on May 18 at TsAGI’s Center for Science, Culture and Information, in Zhukovsky Town, Moscow Region.

The ceremony was opened by Vladislav Maksimov, Deputy General Director, HR and Social Policy. ‘Timed to coincide with memorable anniversaries, this competition has become a really good and kind tradition of our Institute. It was initiated, inspired and organized by the personnel management of the Institute. This year’s competition is dedicated to a significant event: our beloved city had its 75th anniversary on April 23. Assessing the works was quite challenging for the jury as each work is unique, imbued with creative impulse and diligence, with inspiration and amazing original details. Yet no competitor will be ignored today: all the children will get their well-deserved prizes and memorable gifts, and we will applause them,’ he said.

The attendees were welcomed by Zhukovsky Mayor Yuri Prokhorov. He thanked the competitors for their excellent works, for the chance to see the town in the eyes of children, and to realize its beauty once again.

The Children Painting Competition has been held for the third time (the first one was organized in 2018 and the second one in 2020; respectively, they were timed to coincide with the 100th Anniversary of TsAGI and the 75th Great Patriotic War Anniversary). The competition had totally 121 participant aged from 3 to 17. Notably, the youngest competitor has her birthday the same day as Zhukovsky Town, on April 23.

120 works were presented, including one co-authored work, performed in different techniques: watercolor, gouache, pastel, colored pencils, appliqué and grattage. The children chose very different things to depict: cozy corners of the city’s architectural structures, the monument to the father of Russian aviation N. Zhukovsky, aircraft in the sky and on the ground, and engineers and scientists working in TsAGI wind tunnels.

The works were assessed by jury from the Institute’s employees, according to such criteria as content, relevance to the topic, originality of the idea, creative intent, and artistic level. Each drawing was given a unique number; the jury assessed the drawings by knowing only the number and age of the author, which provided an ultimately objective estimate.

‘This year, the competition was remarked by participation of children and grandchildren of employees representing almost every department of TsAGI. Many really strong works were submitted to the competition, so we spontaneously established extra nominations,’ said Yelena Klimova, Head of the Competition Project, Head of Personnel Management Sector at TsAGI.

The award ceremony was accompanied by such performances as poem reading by Zhukovsky Resident Nadezhda Markova (‘To the Beloved City’), and by the performance of the children from Korablik (‘The Little Ship’) Kindergarten. An online exhibition of the contestants’ works was held at TsAGI’s Center for Science, Culture and Information.

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