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TsAGI Presents Turbulent Flow Research Results at International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

1 September 2021

Scientists from TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) participated in 25th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM). The event was held online from August 22 to 27.

One of the most significant international events in the field of mechanics, ICTAM is organized once in four years by the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. A large-scale meeting of scientists was supposed to take place in Milan (Italy) in August 2020; however, it was postponed till 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Traditionally, the Congress included three main sections—fluid mechanics, solid-body mechanics, solid and fluid mechanics—as well as plenary lectures, sectional lectures, and mini-symposia. Specialists from several TsAGI departments spoke at the ICTAM events.

Essentially, reports were delivered by an experimental-theoretical group. Headed by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Corresponding Member of the RAS Igor Lipatov, the group has studied turbulent flows for three years. The scientists presented results of their activities, which enable a profound development of knowledge related to turbulent flows.

Test validation of fundamental research was summed up by Anton Gorbushin, Head of Research Laboratory at the TsAGI Department for Aircraft and Rocket Aerodynamics. In particular, he reported on the averaged turbulent boundary layer parameters, obtained for the first time at very high Reynolds numbers, on the T-128 transonic wind tunnel wall. The theoretical part of this fundamental work was reflected in report by Vladimir Zametaev, Leading ResearcherTsAGI Department for Aerothermodynamics of Hypersonic Aircraft, Airspace and Rocketry, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of MIPT. He spoke on turbulent flow modeling with the state-of-the-art asymptotic methods.

Scientific achievements in acoustic research were also presented by scientists of TsAGI’s Department for Aircraft Aeroacoustics and Ecology. Viktor Kopyev, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Head of the Department, reported on new results which enabled to formulate a scenario of turbulence transition near intense vortex cores (Co-Author: S.A. Chernyshev). Georgy Faranosov, Leading Researcher, spoke on the research related to active control of instability waves in jet shear layer, for a quieter jet-wing interaction (Co-Authors: V.F. Kopyev, O.P. Bychkov, V.A. Kopyev, I.A. Moralyov, and P.N. Kazansky).

Dmitry Gadzhiev, Junior Researcher at TsAGI Department for Aircraft and Rocketry Aerodynamics, presented fundamental research related to sound scattering by a vortex—the case of an exponentially-decaying velocity field (Co-Author: A.M. Gaifullin). Dmitry Gadzhiev says that the work results can help solving applied problems of scattering and sound generation by turbulent flows, as well as the acoustic instability of vortex flows.

Totally, leading mechanics from 50 countries of the world participated in the congress. The urgent problems raised at ICTAM included: modeling and controlling turbulent shear flows; local principles of climatic processes; nonlinear dynamics for design; ignition and fire; convection; turbulence; electrohydrodynamics; magnetohydrodynamics; vibrations; structural control; etc.

The ICTAM International Congress is a unique opportunity to discuss scientific achievements in mechanics, and to establish new business contacts. This year, organization of the 25th ICTAM-Virtual Congress was supported by AIMETA (Associazione Italiana di Meccanica Teorica e Applicata, or Italian Association for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics), by Polytechnic University of Milan and by University of Pavia (Pavia city, Italy).

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