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MAKS-2021: TsAGI Hosts Foreign Researchers within Program by Rossotrudnichestvo

23 July 2021

During MAKS-2021, the 15th International Aviation and Space Salon, TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) was attended by young representatives of foreign research organizations and aviation enterprises. The visit took place on 22 and 23 July and was organized within Novoe Pokolenie (New Generation) program by Rossotrudnichestvo.

The event primarily aimed at better business ties between TsAGI and the foreign colleagues.

The meeting was attended by Dmitry Chernyshev, Head of TsAGI and TsAGITech Innovative Infrastructure and Technologies, and by Aleksandr Dvoynikov, Deputy Director for International Cooperation (TsAGI).

The foreign specialists attended TsAGITech on the first day; the organizers had prepared networking, aviation-startup teamwork in Smart & Young Knowledge Café format, and defense of the projects. The young specialists also discussed prospects of aviation development within round table themed “Transport of the Future: The Challenges and Possible Solutions”.

Afterwards, the delegates visited TsAGI’s Demonstration Center where they were told about the history of the Institute and its milestone events.

The foreign guests’ visit ended with attending MAKS-2021 and the NRC joint exposition, where they saw developments by TsAGI.

‘One of TsAGI’s priorities is new talents in the industry, involving youth into work, and transmitting the older generations’ experience to 21-century scientists. The Institute has always actively participated in programs for supporting and developing youth initiatives. We have cooperated with Rossotrudnichestvo for years; we are open to their projects, and we are involving more and more entrants into it,’ said Kirill Sypalo, Director General (TsAGI), Corresponding Member of the RAS.

‘TsAGI has always actively participated in exchanging international experience in advanced research areas,’ said Sergey Chernyshev, Chief Scientific Officer (TsAGI), Academician of the RAS. “Since 2015, the joint work between TsAGI and Rossotrudnichestvo has resulted in a number of workshops for young scientists from IFAR member organizations, as well as in a series of NextPro trainings for Russian young specialists.’

In total, the event was attended by over 20 foreign scientists, their young colleagues, and TsAGI specialists.

Since 2011, Rossotrudnichestvo (the Federal Agency for the CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation) has implemented “Novoe Pokolenie” (New Generation), a program for short-term study visits to Russia by foreign young scientists and businesspeople. The President of Russia approved the program by a special order.

Novoe Pokolenie is a unique youth-oriented program; it aims at creating conditions for long-term dialogue between Russian and foreign young specialists aged from 25 to 35. The program allows establishing professional contacts and long-term partnership with foreign research organizations.

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