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MAKS-2021, Fourth Day Review: TsAGI’s Key Events

23 July 2021

The fourth day of MAKS-2021 was marked for TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) with a number of business meetings with foreign partners, and with youth-policy events.

The first point of the business agenda was the discussion of potential interaction areas with Sopemea, a French organization and a subsidiary of Apave Group company; Sopemea specializes in numerical calculation of aircraft electromagnetic compatibility, in testing equipment for environmental resistance in accordance with DO-160, in measurements during ground frequency tests, etc. Also, TsAGI’s administration met with representatives of CLIMAT company.

Then, Kirill Sypalo (Director General, TsAGI; Corresponding Member of the RAS) attended “Digital transformation of aviation industry: Practical experience and development prospects”, a round table organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and by Aviakomplekt enterprise. The meeting was also attended by representatives of aviation enterprises and organizations, state authorities and public organizations. They discussed such issues as: the main trends in digital management of machine-building production; the prospects of creating development models for aviation industry for optimized state planning; the possibility of using AI-methods for optimization and forecast, etc.

Importantly, TsAGI was honored with a certificate and a decoration as the WCRC project had won MAKS-2021 Golden Wings Competition within the Event nomination.

Educating new researchers and technologists was debated at that day’s panel discussion, “Center of aviation career: new training tools for future aerospace engineers and technologists”. TsAGI organized that event; it took place within FUTURE HUB exposition (University science and aviation-technical creativity of youth).

TsAGI and Moscow Regional aviation organizations of secondary education and higher education took part in the discussion. They considered urgent challenges of training new-generation engineers for aerospace industry, and the interaction with different educational institutions. A cooperation agreement was signed between TsAGI and MIREA during that event.

That day was the last one for the two-day visit of young foreign specialists within Novoe Pokolenie (New Generation) program by Rossotrudnichestvo. They attended TsAGI Demonstration Center and MAKS-2021.

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