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MAKS-2021: TsAGI Discusses Prospects for Developing Research and Innovative Potential of Moscow Region’s Science Cities

23 July 2021

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) participated in round table themed “Moscow Region: Creating research and innovative infrastructure in science cities”. Organized under Year of Science and Technologies, the event was hosted by MAKS-2021 Congress Center on July 21.

The meeting focused on drawing attention to development of innovative entrepreneurship, high-tech industry and research activity in Moscow Region. The round table was moderated by Dmitry Chernyshev, Head of Innovative Infrastructure and Technologies (TsAGI).

The participants were addressed by Aleksandra Antonova, Head of Department for Science and Innovations (Moscow Regional Ministry for Investments, Industry and Science). She spoke about the current measures of support for innovative entrepreneurship within Investments in Moscow Region program. The measures include creation of high-technology platforms. Initiated by TsAGI in 2018, TsAGITech is the first and, still, only-one such project in Moscow region.

Welcoming remarks were also delivered by Nikolai Khokhlov (Fund for Promoting Innovations in Moscow Region). He spoke about the Fund’s active cooperation with TsAGITech at organizing and holding semi-finals and finals of Umnik (‘a smart person’) competition.

‘As long as two and half years since its foundation, TsAGITech has become a real driver for development of Zhukovsky science city. Today, it has all the necessary innovative and technological infrastructure. Over 20 innovative and technological companies are working there. Highly-productive workplaces and new laboratories are being created at TsAGITech. Notably, TsAGITech has a special environment for scientific creativity which allows creating high-tech developments,’ said Kirill Sypalo, Director General (TsAGI), Corresponding Member of the RAS.

Yuri Prokhorov, Mayor of Zhukovsky, also noted TsAGITech’s importance for developing creative and economic potential of the city. According to Mr. Prokhorov, TsAGITech is currently a platform for attracting young scientists, scientific communities, inventors, small innovative enterprises, research organizations and educational organizations of Moscow Region. Apart from that, several companies came from other regions to work in TsAGITech, and became tax residents of Zhukovsky.

Dmitry Chernyshev, Head of Innovative Infrastructure and Technologies (TsAGI), spoke about the experience of creating and improving TsAGITech. He reported on activities by TsAGITech subdivisions: The Center for Developing Transfer and Technologies, the Center for Innovative Technologies; the courses of aircraft modeling, ship modeling; design courses, programming courses, etc. TsAGITech’s residents (NIK, SOLUTERM, and other companies) also reported on their achievements within the innovative platform.

‘TsAGITech does not only provide young innovators with modern premises but also supports and advises on managing new projects, on technology transfer, on business development, on fund raising, including legal and accounting services. Its unique environment boosts the effectiveness of interaction and cooperation between the residents, the young scientists, the representatives of the region’s education and science. Apart from that, Kulibin science café has been opened recently for interactive popular-science events. You can discuss news on recent achievements in business and science over a cup of tea at this café. In my opinion, our platform is one of the brightest examples of united efforts by science and the state aimed at developing innovative economy,’ said Dmitry Chernyshev.

There was also a presentation of TsAGI’s successful experience in creating and developing the WCRC “Supersonic”. Its main goal is to solve fundamental, exploratory, applied-technical tasks for development of new-generation supersonic transport (SST). So, TsAGI united the efforts of top industrial research organizations, academic sector and university sector. A complete scientific ecosystem has been formed, including five laboratories in such areas as aerodynamics and conceptual design of low sonic boom SST, aeroacoustics and vibrations, strength and smart structures, gas dynamics and propulsion, artificial intelligence and flight safety. Within the Program for WCRC creation and development, administration of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute” approved the WCRC infrastructure project to create and develop a unique world-class research infrastructure.

Despite this positive example of TsAGI’s innovative projects, re-oriented budget of Moscow region set back the program for supporting and developing science cities’ infrastructure. The round-table participants discussed how to continue the innovative activities in these conditions. They suggested such solutions as: regionally-founded creation of high-tech platforms, development of urgent highly-marketable research areas, involving young talents, etc.

TsAGITech was established in 2018 by TsAGI in close cooperation with Moscow Regional Ministry for Investments, Industry and Science. Located in the center of Zhukovsky city (Moscow Region), TsAGITech has 6700 m2 area. In 2019, it was given the status as a high-tech platform. Currently, TsAGITech is a dynamically developing project; it houses several applied laboratories, organizations and start-ups.

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