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TsAGI Does Buffet Tests of SSJ 100 Aircraft

14 July 2021

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) continues testing SSJ 100 aircraft.

The work cycle was devoted to tests of buffet, an aeroelasticity phenomena which causes forced structural vibrations and may decrease resource of the structure. At this stage, TsAGI tested horizontal tail of the aircraft model at takeoff-and-landing modes.

“Our primary task is to forecast how buffeting will reveal in field conditions, including takeoff-and-landing modes. This is necessary for reducing the risks of this dangerous phenomenon for the designed SSJ NEW aircraft,” said Anatoly Krapivko, Work Leader; Head for Norming Strength, Load and Aeroelasticity (TsAGI).

The first stage of tests proceeded in TsAGI T-101 wind tunnel at 15 m/s flow velocity. The model was installed on a platform which was a mock-up of runway. The model was studied in several configurations: its brake flaps and spoilers were installed in different combinations, and the model was moved with the horizontal tail at different angles of attack.

Having processed the data on model vibrations, which were obtained via spectral analysis and tuft tests of the tail, the specialists did preliminary assessment of buffeting parameters. In some way, the parameters corresponded with vibration analysis data for SSJ 100 landing. The obtained information also corresponds with calculation results.

The tests confirmed the expected influence of model configuration on buffeting parameters.

The next stage of tests is planned for this July or August. The tests will aim at considering different changes in the model’s afterbody, for eliminating the possibility of hazardous buffeting, or for reducing buffeting intensity.

TsAGI will continue their efforts to improve the designed SSJ NEW aircraft structurally, preventing dangerous aeroelasticity phenomena at all flight modes. The work was requested by Irkut corporation.

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