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Demonstrator Model of High-Tech Supersonic Transport to Be First-Ever Show at MAKS-2021

13 July 2021

A scale model of ‘Strizh’ supersonic-transport (SST) integrated technology demonstrator will be the main showpiece by TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) at MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Salon. Alongside with many other innovative developments in supersonic passenger aviation, this one will be shown at an exposition by organizations united under NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”.

The SST mockup shows a number of breakthrough developments by Russian scientists. The configuration enables low sonic boom, providing high aerodynamic performance, stability and controllability for the whole flight envelope. The innovative metal-and-composite structural design was created with bionic principles. Alternative materials used in SST structure significantly reduce the aircraft’s weight and the fuel consumption. TsAGI work in this area will be demonstrated by two mockups of the structural design, the nose part and behind-the-cockpit part of the advanced SST.

The supersonic theme will be logically continued by corresponding showpieces, such as wind-tunnel model of isolated intake, and nozzle model with sound-attenuating system for acoustic facility.

Also, the broad audience will see a mocked-up flight simulator with console system of movement. The mockup effectively demonstrates capabilities of technological development within the project by WCRC “Supersonic”. The mockup includes a robotic manipulator with computer unit, a scale model of lightened cockpit capsule, and a computer simulation facility.

Implementing the WCRC program is the priority for the scientists of the world’s leading center for aviation science. The WCRC “Supersonic” infrastructure project will show further development of the Institute’s test facilities, aimed at laying the cornerstone of a high-tech research adapted for the needs of the Center. The new objects will include a calibration high-quality-flow wind tunnel based on modernized T-124 WT, a facility for procedural flight simulators, and an acoustic chamber.

Apart from that, TsAGI will be represented at the Future Hub exposition, “Academic Science and Aeronautical Technical Creativity of the Youth”. The Institute will demonstrate there an integrated digital facility for managing design, production and for testing model aircraft; the facility is aimed at enabling on-line applied research for education.

Another showpiece will be an interactive technology demonstrator for streaming applied aerodynamic research on-line. Performed within TsAGITech’s academic laboratory, this project allows doing aerodynamic research remotely, from any part of the world.

The advanced developments by the NRC “Zhukovsky Institute” can be seen at F3 and A9 pavilions, and on the static display.

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