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TsAGI Modernizes Composite Processing Tools

12 July 2021

Using composites in modern aircraft structures is among development priorities for aviation industry. Tackling this problem requires not only to research deeply but also to look for new approaches to production.

Currently, TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) and Omsk State Technical University are researching the possibility of using super-speed grinding technology for producing composite-material cutting tools. The work is done within Tsifra (Digit) R&D by Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

The researched technology is based on super-speed grinding, which is characterized by significantly less cutting forces, enabling production of tools with a greater cutting-edge sharpness (up to 2 µm). This increases the quality of processing composite details of aerodynamic models. In turn, the cutting area can be cryogenically cooled by liquid-nitrogen supply during super-speed grinding, which increases micro-hardness of the produced tool, and makes the cutters hard enough to produce the details.

‘One of the problems that we face at milling composite details is damage of their edges, which directly affects the strength parameters and can reduce them by up to 10-15 percent. Super-speed grinding at the velocity range from 160 to 400 m/s (grinding and high-speed grinding have the velocity range from 30 to 80 m/s) increases blade sharpness and decreases processing damage. Within Tsifra R&D, we have the real chance of creating the home tool for milling and drilling composite details,’ says Sergey Bolsunovsky, Head for Researching CNC Mechanical-Processing Technologies (Research and Manufacturing Complex, TsAGI).

Within this area, cooperation with Omsk State Technical University started in 2021. Initially, technology for super-speed and cryogenic grinding of mills and drills was proposed; for this operation, basis was designed and manufactured.

Currently, the specialists have ended the first stage of testing the tool which proved highly efficient and reliable. At the next stage, they will deliver to TsAGI the test samples for processing composite details.

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