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TsAGI Debates Using Its Measurement Facilities for AV 112-114 Propeller Flight Tests

9 July 2021

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) held an extended discussion on testing AV 112-114 propeller load at different flight modes. The Institute was represented by Aleksandr Medvedsky, First Deputy General Director (TsAGI). The event took place in June.

The meeting was attended by specialists from OJSC Ilyushin, UEC, UEC-Klimov, Aerosila, and JSC Myasishchev Design Bureau. The participants met to discuss further cooperation between the enterprises aimed at Il-114 flight tests, and at flight tests of these aircrafts’ modifications with AV 112-114 propellers.

‘Testing propellers is accompanied by difficulties related to measuring. At this meeting, we discussed with our colleagues how these difficulties may be eliminated or minimized and what solutions TsAGI can offer. We also marked the plans for implementing them into flight tests,’ Aleksandr Medvedsky said.

In particular, the discussion concerned testing with a multichannel measurement facility developed by TsAGI. The facility obtains data from propeller strain-gauging blades and transmits the information via radio channel to the operator.

Apart from that, the specialists exchanged their proposals on using videogrammetry method and fiber-optic systems for flight tests. Videogrammetry is used for non-contacting study of movement and deformation in object space with multiple degrees of freedom, and allows measuring twist and bend parameters of AV 112-114 propeller blade at different flight modes. Unlike the classic strain-measurement method, fiber-optic systems are used in tests for avoiding EM fields and distortions caused by avionics (radio altimeters, antennas etc.).

The AV 112-114 propellers are produced by Aerosila company. They are applied in Il-114 aircraft family and in modifications developed by Ilyushin company.

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