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TsAGI Issues ‘The Basics of Flight Dynamics’ Textbook

29 June 2021

How does an aircraft fly? How can one balance the forces and moments that effect on it? How can an aircraft be provided with stability and control? What is the modern aircraft control system and what functions does it have? ‘The Basics of Flight Dynamics’, book by Sergey Bazhenov (Head for Flight Dynamics, TsAGI; Doctor of Technical Sciences), gives answers to these questions, as well as to many others.

According to the preface, the textbook is aimed at students and post-graduate students from universities related to the industry. It gives basic knowledge on flight dynamics and aircraft control systems.

The issue is based on ‘Flight Dynamics’, the yearly course lectured by Sergey Bazhenov at MIPT’s Department of Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering for more than 20 years. The textbook uses materials by outstanding TsAGI scientists, G. Byuschgens, G. Aleksandrov, H. Zaiganov and A. Dynnikov, who had taught the subject; as well as by more contemporary TsAGI specialists in flight dynamics and control systems, L. Zaychik, V. Zhelonkina, etc.

The author explains that there were several reasons to issue the book now. Firstly, invention of digital control systems enabled a significant expansion of integrated control-systems’ functionality. Secondly, last 20-30 years have been marked with only few scientific and educational literature published in Russia on this topic. ‘The Basics of Flight Dynamics’ aims at filling the gap. Thirdly, his repeated conversations with young students from MIPT, MAI, etc., confirmed the author’s view that they needed a simple, understandable, but strict—both mathematically and technically—textbook on basic scientific areas related to aircraft control.

‘The Flight Dynamics discipline has many questions that cannot be overviewed in detail in a yearly course or in a single book. So the textbook deals only with airplane dynamics and fixed-wing aircraft dynamics. Yet it has a detailed reference list which can provide a deeper understanding of some areas. Hopefully, the textbook will be useful not only for students and postgraduates but also for engineers and researchers specialized in flight dynamics and aircraft control systems; as well as for broad audience interested in this area,’ says Sergey Bazhenov, Head for Flight Dynamics (TsAGI); Doctor of Technical Sciences.

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