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TsAGI’s Towing Tank Celebrates 90-Year Anniversary

2 June 2021

A hydroplane model is being tested in TsAGI’s towing tank
A hydroplane model is being tested in TsAGI’s towing tank

TsAGI’s (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) towing tank had its 90-year anniversary. It is one of the Institute’s highest-scale test facilities. The special occasion was celebrated in May in TsAGI.

The event was attended by TsAGI Heads, by Leading Specialists from the Department for Hydrodynamics and Industrial Aerodynamics (TsAGI’s Moscow Complex), and by veterans of naval aviation.

‘I am pleased that we are celebrating the anniversary of this monumental facility; for almost a century, it has been the main platform for obtaining hydrodynamic performance of aircraft, airspace and naval technologies. In the difficult 1920s, the Soviet government managed to build the tank at Moscow Complex. The facility was commissioned on 30th April 1930; without it, no naval or river boat would have ever done its maiden voyage,’ said V. Granich (Deputy General Director of TsAGI, Head of TsAGI’s Moscow Complex) in his opening speech.

Honorary certificates devoted to the anniversary and to the significant contribution to technology development were given to the leading hydrodynamics scientists of the Institute: Yu. Merzlikin (Deputy Head of Department for Hydrodynamics and Industrial Aerodynamics, TsAGI), O. Shorygin (Chief Researcher), Yu. Zhuravlyov, A. Boldyrev and V. Strekalov (Leading Researchers), L. Gontsova (Head of Division for Amphibious Aircraft Hydrodynamics), A. Arzhanov (Head of Division for High-Speed Hydrodynamics), A. Belyaevsky (Leading Engineer), etc.

At the meeting, the specialists discussed the key current projects implemented with the unique test facility. The projects include: work on Be-200 multipurpose aircraft; creation of automatically-controlled hydrodynamic interceptors for amphibious aircraft and for high-speed skimming boats; design of hydrodynamic configuration for L-410UVP-E20 light multi-purpose aircraft in its floating version; research on descent module splashdown; elaboration of and giving recommendations on ditching of civil aircraft and rotorcraft.

Designed in a very short time under the guidance of A. Tupolev (the famous Soviet aviation designer), the towing tank was filled with water in January 1927 for the first time. In a few weeks after the tank’s commissioning, systematic research started in April 1930; its amount and content increased prodigiously. During the Great Patriotic War, the facility was the country’s only-one hydrodynamic laboratory; the specialists worked days and nights to improve hydroplanes, speedboats, submarines and torpedoes.

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