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Salute Recreational Facility Re-Opened

1 June 2021

Salute, TsAGI’s (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) Recreational Facility, is ready for its first shift after eased COVID-19 restrictions. It expects thousands of children to come this year.

The summer campaign is to last till 27th August. 240 boys and girls will re-energize during each of the four shifts. This year, Salute has received many applications from TsAGI employees for their children’s recreation.

‘Delightedly, Salute resumed its work after that long break. Yet it is children who feel most delighted—now they can spend their time in the nature, socialize, and find new friends. Our tutors, cooks and workers will make their time mostly comfortable,’ said Aleksandr Agapov, Head of the Salute.

Salute organized a comprehensive educational and entertaining program devoted to 60th anniversary of the space flight of Yuri Gagarin, the first cosmonaut. Children attend courses in aeromodelling, robotics, programming, DIY, sports and dancing. They are guided by experienced tutors, including the youth leaders of the Russian Students’ Team.

Meanwhile, however, the COVID-19 pandemic introduced a number of restrictions. For example, sanitary measures reduce the Facility’s occupancy to 75%; and abolish mass events, outdoor events, and parents’ visits. Food and leisure will be provided separately for each group. All the Salute’s employees underwent an obligatory PCR test for COVID-19; weekly tests are provided for those who temporarily leave the Facility’s territory. Sanitizing will be performed between the shifts; if necessary, anti-tick acaricides will be used.

Salute Recreational Facility is located at Volodarsky settlement (Leninsky district, Moscow Region) at Kazan forest park’s natural and historical reserve, near the Pakhra river. The Facility can simultaneously accommodate 320 children aged from 6 to 15. The Facility’s seven-hectare territory has separate dormitory blocks, a canteen, a conference hall for 200 people, a dancing floor, and a first-aid post. Salute provides five meals a day which include a great variety of dishes, fresh vegetables, fruit, juices, and bakery.

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