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TsAGITech Holds ‘Resident’s Day’ Forum

4 June 2021

Early summer, TsAGITech (TsAGI is a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) held ‘Resident’s Day’ Forum. The companies and TsAGI laboratories based at TsAGITech presented their activity areas, projects and achievements.

The event was attended by A. Antonova, Head of Department for Science and Innovations (Moscow Regional Ministry for Investments, Industry and Science); V. Maksimov, Deputy General Director HR and Social Policy (TsAGI); and O. Redkina, First Deputy Head of Zhukovsky Administration. The forum was moderated by D. Chernyshev, Head of TsAGI Innovative Infrastructure and Technologies.

‘This event is focused on presenting the resident companies, and on their presentation of achievements in high-tech research and development. The forum is primarily aimed at exchanging experience, knowledge, and opinions; at widening partnership in research-and-technology services; at enabling effective cooperation; and at searching for investors for implementing the current and future projects. TsAGITech succeeded in uniting a whole cluster on its platform, from research-and-technology services to manufacturing. In my opening speech, I would like to wish to all the participants to successfully present their achievements, to communicate effectively, and to make new discoveries,’ said V. Maksimov.

The event had a format of short reports. The residents presented their projects and developments to the guests and to business people, the residents’ potential investors. Totally, about twenty companies delivered their presentations, including the Research and Engineering Company, FITNIK LLC, SOLUTERM, AEROCON, Dinamika, etc.

Innovative developments by TsAGITech residents were demonstrated at exhibition organized within the event. The showpieces included: Sigma-7 lightweight aircraft, a VTOL aircraft, a hardware-and-software suite for active thermography examination, a mobile meteorological station with an ultra-sound anemometer, and a prototype of vibration facility. The guests were also shown an exhibition mock-up of scrubber transport system, a slug catcher for natural and associated gas, carbon-fiber wakeboards, a simulator facility for general aviation, and an isogrid model of aircraft fuselage.

In their reports, the section heads highlighted TsAGITech activities, including ‘TsAGISTART’, by Center for Developing Transfer and Technologies and Center for Innovative Technologies. In turn, heads of TsAGI science laboratories reported on the current research. The discussion focused on such issues as combustion in aircraft engines, strength of advanced aircraft structures, methods for testing the structures, and controlling the structures’ condition. Also, Center for National Computer Codes of High-Speed Aircraft was presented.

‘This is a very useful and important event, both for TsAGI and for residents and participants of TsAGITech. The forum has allowed widening business contacts, estimating cooperation prospects, and exchanging experience. We are planning to organize this forum annually,’ said D. Chernyshev.

TsAGITech was established in 2018 by TsAGI in close cooperation with Moscow Regional Ministry for Investments, Industry and Science. Located in the center of Zhukovsky city (Moscow Region), TsAGITech has 6700 m2 area. In 2019, it was given the status as a high-tech platform. Currently, TsAGITech is a dynamically developing project; it houses several applied laboratories, organizations and start-ups. Its mission is to form an innovative environment giving the required resources to scientists, engineers, techpreneurs, and companies—so that they would implement their potential, perform applied research, commercialize and implement technologies, and create small innovative enterprises with high commercial potential.

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