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TsAGITech Holds Schoolkids Competition for Throwing-Glider Models

3 June 2021

On May 21, TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) Center for Innovative Technologies of TsAGITech had its first open schoolkids competition for throwing-glider models.

Over 25 schoolchildren competed in it, representing aeromodelling clubs of Zhukovsky schools No. 10, 12 and 14; Center for Children Creativity; Ramenskoye Instrument Engineering Facility; and TsAGITech.

In this competition, each participant was given three attempts of a distance flight; the final table summed up the results of all attempts. The schoolkids’ indoor throwing glider models had 400-mm wingspan or more, up to 500-mm fuselage length, and up to 15-g weight. The jury of the competition were Fyodor Abramov (Center for Innovative Technologies, TsAGITech) and Nikita Usachev, aeromodeller and TsAGITech’s student from Lyceum 14.

In the elderly group, Ilya Mordvintsev from Zhukovsky Center for Children Creativity won the first prize in the competition; the second place was taken by Nikita Sorokin (Ramenskoye Instrument Engineering Facility); and the third one went to Lev Rubakha (Center for Innovative Technologies, TsAGITech). In the younger group, the first prize went to Konstantin Zverev (Center for Innovative Technologies, TsAGITech), the second one was given to Bogdan Shelukhin (School No. 12), and the third one was taken by Konstantin Besedov (School No. 12). All the prize-winners were decorated with honorary certificates, medals and valuable gifts.

‘For many years, TsAGITech’s Center for Innovative Technologies has held courses in aeromodelling and ship modelling. During these courses taught by TsAGI employees, the children get basic ideas of design, aerodynamics and hydrodynamics; they create and test their own inventions. Our courses are aimed at stimulating children’s motivation for a deeper learning of technologies, for conscious choice of their future job, and for obtaining technical education. Having summarized this year’s study, we organized the first schoolchildren competition for throwing-glider models at TsAGITech. Hopefully, we will organize such competitions on a regular basis,’ said Olesya Evdokimova, Head of TsAGITech Center for Innovative Technologies.

Located at TsAGITech, the Center for Innovative Technologies popularizes and develops the youth’s scientific and technical creativity by involving them into science, research and applied activities. Young innovators are provided with technological equipment for implementing projects aimed at development of TsAGI’s innovative activities.

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