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TsAGI Develops Flight Information Processing Technologies

20 May 2021

TsAGI (a part of the NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) is elaborating new approaches and technologies related to flight-information processing and analysis.

These technologies are designed to quickly determine actual performance of aircraft by flight test results and by assessing performance discrepancy from the predicted level, as well as to monitor the degradation of aircraft and engine performance under operating conditions.

TsAGI Flight Safety Complex has designed methods, algorithms and software for analyzing primary flight data delivered through flight tests or airliner regular flights.

The proposed technologies make it possible to work with information streams using the on-board measurement system of a prototype aircraft or a standard on-board recorder, which is considered as the main source of data on flight parameters, power plant operating mode, performance indicators of aircraft systems, etc.

The file format of a standard recorder makes it possible to organize direct access to the registered flight parameters and significantly reduce the data processing time. The proven technology can be applied both at the stage of flight tests and during the operation of aircraft.

The efficiency of the developed technologies was demonstrated in data processing for the flight tests of the Irkut MC-21 aircraft.

‘TsAGI finds it relevant to work in the area related to primary flight data analysis and to monitoring factual performance of an aircraft. The area can quicker estimate the efficiency of new technological solutions implemented on an aircraft, as well as improve calculation and test methods for assessing performance of advanced aircraft. TsAGI competences in this area also broaden the field for cooperation with experimental design bureaus,’ says Oleg Ganyak, TsAGI’s Deputy General Director for Implementing Flight Safety Technologies.

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