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TsAGI Demonstration Center Gives Tours Devoted to Victory Day

19 May 2021

On May 8 and 9, TsAGI (a part of the NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) had weekend tours devoted to TsAGI contribution to the Victory in Great Patriotic War.

At these tours, the visitors of the Demonstration Center were told about the Institute’s activity during the war: about hard work of scientists, engineers and workers; about research for increasing military aircraft performance characteristics; about work for artillery, infantry and marine; about militarizing the whole industry of the country; about introducing new test facilities; and about constant development and advancement of research methods despite TsAGI evacuation to Kazan and Novosibirsk.

Apart from that, the program included a documentary (1943) about TsAGI test facilities, as well as other archive videos about Zhukovsky and TsAGI. Themed colorings and creative materials were prepared for the youngest visitors who could make their own greeting cards for the veterans.

‘Each of us has a bounden duty to keep and increase the memory about those who made their best—and, sometimes, their ultimate sacrifice—to defend our right to freedom and to happy life. Solidarity and dedication of TsAGI employees, their ability to think in advance and to make difficult decisions for the common good, have become for us an eternal role model and moral guideline. The focus of the event is to tell the younger generation about this, and to make them responsible for the peaceful sky. Gladly, it has aroused a lively response and interest among the guests of the Demonstration Center,’ commented Ekaterina Rostovtseva, Head of Social Development and Corporate Culture (TsAGI).

Over 70 inhabitants of Zhukovsky and guests visited the TsAGI Demonstration Center in these two days.

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