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TsAGI Contribution to Russian Space Industry Development Discussed at the Institute

27 April 2021

TsAGI (a part of NRC “Zhukovsky Institute”) contributed to implementation of such space projects as: the launch vehicles Soyuz, Proton, Angara and Rus-M; Energia-Buran reusable spacecraft; Mir space station; all reentry vehicles; Oryol spacecraft; and the orbital vehicles Soyuz-5 and Soyuz-7 (S7 Space)— and this list comprises only a tiny part of the projects. The contribution to the Russian space program was discussed at a seminar devoted to 60th anniversary of Gagarin flight. The seminar was held at the Institute early April.

Alexander Filatyev, Doctor of Sciences in Technical Sciences and Head of Aerospace Research Program (TsAGI) reported on the Institute’s work areas and advanced projects related to space technologies. The report also covered the potential of TsAGI’s schools of science and its test base.

‘With its unique research-and-technology base and broad experience, TsAGI can do integrated research in rocket and space technologies. Importantly, about one third of TsAGI’s schools of science and test facilities was established exclusively for aerospace research. On the other hand, TsAGI participates in rocket and space technology programs nationally and internationally—which broadens the horizons of aircraft atmospheric usage and allows our scientists to do fundamental research,’ said Filatyev.

The seminar highlighted TsAGI’s main competences in researching rocket-and-space technology, including integrated research into new ways of using atmospheric properties and aircraft technologies by rocket-and-space industry. The outcome is expected to widen the range of space freight, to make space freight safer and more effective, to use and develop the unique research-and-technology base and test base for studying and testing spacecraft and space rockets. The deliverables will also enable integrated expertise of Russia’s major space projects, as well as will develop and promote TsAGI’s innovative projects.

Such as: establishing Center for integrated tests of spacecraft and hypersonic vehicles, developing an electro-jet air engine demonstrator and a small-spacecraft launch system with subsonic and supersonic aircraft, studying the concept of electromagnetic facilities for spacecraft-system launch, developing non-traditional ways of high-speed aircraft control for operating range expansion, etc.

TsAGI, students and specialists from MAI (a national research university) participated in the seminar.

‘The International and National Aviation and Cosmonautics: The History of Development’ is TsAGI’s regular scientific seminar. It is usually devoted to milestone dates and events related to aviation and cosmonautics. D. Sobolev, the well-known aviation historian and the leading specialist (S. I. Vavilov Institute for the History of Science and Technology; Russian Academy of Sciences), had participated in the seminar; so had scientists and test pilots (A. Mironov, A. Polsky, N. Porshkov, V. Trubachev, V. Lavrik, A. Markov, V. Korshunov, and others.)

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