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TsAGI awards the winners of the contest for best research

5 June 2019

The Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”) awarded the winners of the contest for best research performed in 2018 year by the Institute’s team and the related organizations. The awarding ceremony took place in late May.

The contest involved projects in three thematic areas: “Fundamental and exploratory theoretical and experimental research in aerodynamics, dynamics and aircraft strength;” “Research on aerodynamics, dynamics, strength and the prospects for the aircraft development;” “Scientific research in experimental equipment, measuring, control and computing systems and experimental technique.”

“Following the 2018 Contest’s results, special mention should go to the rotary-wing aircraft projects,” made his comments Sergey Lyapunov, TsAGI Deputy General Director, Head of the Aerodynamics & Flight Dynamics Complex. “It goes about both conceptual studies and design and manufacture of large-scale models. These projects won the first two places. Another winner is the fundamental study on viscous hypersonic three-dimensional flows. In general, I would like to note the high quality of work in all the areas of the Institute’s activities.”

The TsAGI contest for best research was established in 1967. Its main purpose (according to the order of the Director of the Institute G.P. Svischev) was “to encourage the development of research, which give a significant insight into the nature of the most important processes which expose or explain a qualitatively new phenomena, discovering theoretical or experimental ways of enhancing the effectiveness of aircraft.” The main requirement for a research is its originality. It must not repeat any prior known work. Aerodynamics, aerohydrodynamics, dynamics and strength were the main areas of theoretical and experimental research.

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