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TsAGI participates in the III International Scientific Conference “Science of the Future”

29 May 2019

Scientists of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”) participated in the III International Scientific conference “Science of the Future”, held in Sochi.

To fly on a business trip from Moscow to Vladivostok, to make a transcontinental flight in one day are not fantastic speculations, but quite real projects in the near future. For their implementation it is necessary to create breakthrough technologies to reducing sonic boom and noise in the airports areas. These environmental requirements put a crimp in the exploitation of the first-generation supersonic passenger aircraft, and they are still serious challenges for the global aeronautical science.

TsAGI Director General, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science Kirill Sypalo devoted his report to the described problems: “Supersonic transport: new opportunities and prospects of development”. It referred to the research and technological groundwork of the Russian supersonic business aircraft demonstrator and its construction phases. Kirill Sypalo stressed the importance of international cooperation with industrial and academic partners in such a complex project.

The head of TsAGI’s Acoustics Department, Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics, professor Victor Kopiev presented the report “Aeroacoustics: between basic science and the aviation industry demands”. The leading scientist told about the development prospects of this scientific discipline, which lies at the confluence of the classical aerodynamics and acoustics, and demonstrated fundamental results obtained in TsAGI’s aeroacoustics laboratory. According to V.F. Kopiev, it was the aeroacoustics which was caught in the middle of the competition of major aircraft corporations to create the promising environmentally sustainable transport. This is one of the reasons why the new aeroacoustic laboratory is located in the vicinity of the development center of domestic engines. Thus, with the active support of TsAGI there was established a laboratory in Perm National Research Polytechnic University. The laboratory was equipped with modern measuring means, allowing conducting tests of air intakes of actual engines.

“Despite the unique test facilities Russia possesses in present time, the aircraft industry is in dire need of the establishment of new large-scale installations,” the scientist said in his speech. “Modern development of multi-microphone systems which allow getting noise source maps of flying aircraft in various frequency ranges, presents new challenges for Russia’s aircraft industry in system organization of flight experiment for the final diagnostics of the agreeable solution.”

In addition, Oleg Bychkov, TsAGI young scientist of the Acoustics Department took part in the conference. His report “Noise reducing of the jet-wing interaction using the application of plasma actuators” was recognized as the best among young scientists.

The 3rd International Conference “Science of the Future” and the 4th All-Russian Forum “Science of the Future — Science of the Youth” — both events can be rightfully considered main scientific events in our country. The main objective of the Conference and the Forum is to form youth’s understanding of science as the most important resource for the development of society, a way of self-realization and a way to build a successful career in science, technology and innovation in the framework of the development of the country’s intellectual potential and the Strategy for the Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation (SNTR). The Forum annually collects 600-700 participants from 26 countries. This year the event was held at the Education Center “Sirius” (Sochi) from 13 to 17 May. The Conference was attended by Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation A. Fursenko, the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russian Federation, M.M. Kotiukov, First Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Grigory Trubnikov, heads of leading scientific foundations — the Russian Science Foundation and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

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