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14 May 2019

In April the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”) hosted a delegation of the State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS, Central Engineering Research Institute (TsNIIMash) and others. The aim of the event was the negotiations with TsAGI’s leadership to organize a cross-sectoral cooperation in aerospace research, as well as the introduction to TsAGI’s test facilities and innovative projects in this area.

During the meeting, Alexandr Filatjev, the head of TsAGI’s aerospace research program presented a report which highlighted the research areas, capabilities for test facilities and projects of the Institute in the field of space technology. Among the significant works he noted the research in aerothermodynamics, thermal-vacuum tests, acoustic research and model tests and full-scale tests of rocket and space equipment’s specimens, the development of a ramjet concept for space vehicles at ultra low orbits (up to 200 km), creating of high-efficient converter installations based on linear electrical unit, joint research project with the National Centre for Space Studies of France (CNES) in TsAGI’s hypersonic wind tunnel for rocket and space technology parts degradation to create the recycling technologies of space debris. Among the important projects there are the projects of scientific experiments at the International Space Station, innovative end-to-end design and metalwork technology of complex structures, including accelerated milling of wafer jackets which form the basis of many space structures. In addition, the issues of research funding, collaborative research, modernization of test facilities were discussed, including a project for the establishment of a National Centre for Complex Testing of Aerospace Vehicles. There was a discussion in which the participants expressed interest in TsAGI’s achievements and capabilities in the field of aerospace research.

Later, the delegation observed the vertical spin wind tunnel and a hypersonic wind tunnel, hot resistance vacuum chambers, the large climatic chamber, complexes of static and endurance tests, as well as the research-and-production complex.

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