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TsAGI did honour to the memory of the fallen during the Great Patriotic War.

8 May 2019

With the Fascist German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1945, the priorities of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) were aimed at the front assisting. The difficult living conditions, anxiety for the fate of the country were the stimulus for the intensive work in aeronautical engineering. Today there are no many people left, those who remember the tough and both heroic time. TsAGI’s veterans and employees have a traditional festive meeting at May 8 to do honour to the memory of the fallen heroes and to thank the living ones.

The solemn ceremony devoted to the 74 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War began with the radio broadcasting of the unconditional surrender of Germany. The message was delivered by a legendary announcer of the all-Union radio Yury Levitan. Everyone was listening to it — the youth, and the elderly, and the pride in the feat of the Soviet people overflowed the heart.

" At wartime every scientist, worker, experimenter of our Institute took their every effort to achieve a common goal-the overthrow of fascism," said in his welcoming speech Kirill Sypalo, TsAGI Director General, corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Science. “More than 1 300 TsAGI members fought against evil, fighting at the front line and increasing the strength of the domestic arms in the rear. In difficult conditions we carried out wind tunnels tests, improving the flight data of our fighters, perfecting the navigability of the war vessels, increasing the destructive potential of the famous rocket launchers ‘Katyusha’. Despite the extreme conditions, we were able to put into operation a new installation-the ahead of time T-106 wind tunnel. It was the entering a new research era.”

Yury Prokhorov, the head of the urban district of Zhukovsky addressed veterans with cordial words. The meeting continued with a minute of silence in the memory of not surviving to this day heroes of the Great Patriotic War, the laying flowers to the Memorial and the concert of creative teams of the city.

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