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TsAGI young professionals participate in scientific and technological Forum “Mind Power”

6 May 2019

  • Alexander Medvedsky, First Deputy Director General of TsAGI, and Yuri Prokhorov, the city of Zhukovsky head of facility administration, at the "Mind Power" forum
  • Alexander Medvedsky, First Deputy Director General of TsAGI, and Yuri Prokhorov, the city of Zhukovsky head of facility administration, at the "Mind Power" forum
  • С докладом на инженерной секции форума выступает инженер научно-технического центра ЦАГИ Александр Левицкий Alexander Levitsky, engineer of the TsAGI scientific and technical center, at the forum’s engineering section
  • Young specialists of Zhukovsky enterprises. Chairman of TsAGI Council of Young Scientists and Specialists Andrey Urusov (in the center)

The destiny of young scientists is to search for the truth, improve time-tested knowledge and offer novel ideas. Now they have a new playground for creativity and experiences exchange. Zhukovsky (Moscow region) organized the municipal Science and Technology Forum for youth “Mind power”. Young specialists of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”) presented their promising scientific work in the framework of the Forum.

The event took place in late April and collected more than 400 participants-representatives of leading aviation enterprises: TsAGI, the Gromov Flight Research Institute, the Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design, Myasishchev Design Bureau, Research and engineering company. “The Forum has a name ‘Mind Power’, and it is very symbolic,” addressed the meeting Aleksandr Medvedsky, TsAGI’s First Deputy Director General. “You can discuss, share ideas, work together here to seek solutions to scientific issues. We hope very much that it will help you, young creative professionals, to bring science to a new level.”

But it is not enough to make discoveries, it is important to find their applications at the contemporary market. Dmitry Chernyshev, the Deputy Head of TsAGI’s Prospective Development Complex told the young scientists about the TsAGI Technopark. This area has an innovative infrastructure, equipped with modern equipment and is designed to assist youth in start-ups promoting. “If you are ambitious and want to grow in science, come to us, the doors are always open,” said Dmitry Chernyshev.

Scientists demonstrated their mind power working in several sections: scientific, engineering, professional orientation, leadership. TsAGI representatives participated in each of them. Anton Epikhin, a member of TsAGI’s Measuring Equipment and Metrology Department was one of the speakers. He told about the hot-wire array, the device, being developed in the Institute. It is used for the boundary layer structural study and laminar-turbulent transition definition at a different range of speeds, from subsonic to hypersonic.

Ivan Ameljushkin, senior researcher at TsAGI’s Department of Aerothermodynamics of Hypersonic aircraft and rocket and space equipment, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences told young colleagues about interesting phenomena of aerohydrodynamics and added that there are still many unresolved issues in the fluid mechanics. For example, there is no complete theoretic execution of the interactive effect of a two-phase flow (containing supercooled droplets and non-spherical ice crystals) to an aircraft surface at icing. In his report, Ivan depicted new experimental results and original computer models of the discussed phenomena.

Oleg Kudryavtsev, researcher of TsAGI’s Sector of air drones and long-range aircraft introduced a technology start-up in the section “Leadership”. It is a pilot model of meteorological station to search upward wind. It will be a good help for aeromodellers of the Institute. The project is supported by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology and implemented on the basis of the TsAGI Technopark.

The Forum ended with the awarding ceremony, in which young specialists of the Centre of Aeronautical Science-Svetlana Yesakova, Alexander Levitsky, Andrei Saveliev, Ivan Ameljushkin, Dmitry Kurochkin, Dmitry Kuruljuk, were noted for their contribution to the development of TsAGI’s scientific-technical and creative potential. Vagan Manvelyan, TsAGI engineer of the Department Measuring technology and metrology earned honorific mention from the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Lidia Antonova for his active participation in enhancing the capacity of scientific and technological organizations in the territory of the g. o. Zhukovsky. The last important moment was the formation of a new governance board — the Council of young scientists and specialists affiliated to the head of the city. Its leading member became Andrey Urusov, the Chairman of the same board at TsAGI.

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