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TsAGI at the VII Annual International Composites CIS Conference

22 October 2018

Polymeric composite materials (PCM) are considered to be the future of the aviation industry. They started to be implemented in low-load details of aircraft and now they are applied in the wing, centre-section, fuselage, and empennage design. The proportion of the innovative materials use is rising to 50%. The composites study, their performance and characteristics is one of the important directions of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI.)

TsAGI scientists explore ways to strengthen and increase operational life of metal composite components, as well as study repairing aspects of the damaged PCM parts of the aircraft. Sergey Titov, head of section of Research and Development Center of TsAGI Research and Production Complex delivered reports at the Conference on these topics.

He presented TsAGI achievements in the implementation of PCM in aircraft designs. The increasing scope of such materials in aviation posed a question on their repair, as well as the development of appropriate methodologies and technological equipment. TsAGI Development center staff analyzed the main options for remediation: with glued connecting elements and with adhesive-mechanical joining of repair items (with mechanical metal fasteners.) They also proposed a method of repairing damaged PCM detail, based on specialized metal embedded details and effective adhesive composition. The structurally similar samples testing of the method gave positive results.

The report “Based on nano-adhesive composition strength and operational life improvement method of composite components in airframe” was devoted to the most significant issues of the strength providing of bolted-type connections in structures of this type. Among them, the technology of making holes in the PCM, its effect on the strength and durability of connections.

The results obtained can be used in the development of compounds to metal-composite structures, including the manufacture of large-scale aerodynamic models-demonstrators.

COMPOSITES CIS is an effectively focused event-platform for annual meetings for R&D and business community involved in production and application of composite materials as well as solutions based on them within Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia/CIS) and Eastern European Countries.

The event took place in October 10-12, 2018 in Sochi. The PCM innovations were discussed for the eighth time. The work was carried out in different directions: “Composite materials and digitalization of economy” and “Life cycle cost analysis of composite products.” There were special sections “Composites in aerospace applications” and “Use of composites in medicine.”

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