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TsAGI openes an exclusive photo show in Zhukovsky Science City

31 October 2018

When did the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) begin? What are the famous wind tunnels, which have no analogues in the world? How do the aircraft take their first flight? Zhukovsky citizens and the Science City guests will be able to find answers to these and other questions in one of the central streets of the city, where a unique photographic exhibition opened in late October.

The exposition is dedicated to TsAGI’s centenary and consists of nearly 100 exclusive pictures placed on specially designed stands. Observers will see rare flashbacks of the Institute construction activities in the village Stakhanovo; the first Zhukovsky air show ("the MosAeroShow“at that time); the famous Tupolev Tu-144, MiGs, air-space system “Energia-Buran” testing and other things. It is a whole era, the moments which the Institute’s photographers captured. Connoisseurs will enjoy beautiful views of the largest scientific center of Russia from a bird’s-eye view. Aviation enthusiasts are given an opportunity to see the different perspectives and current projects of the Institute. For example, strength tests of a new generation passenger aircraft MC-21 or TsAGI’s latest flight stimulators.

This is the second large exhibition of this year, dedicated to the Institute’s centenary. In February, the State Duma of the Russian Federation held an exhibition “Aeronautical Science: 100 years at the service of the Motherland,” where model aircraft were exhibited together with photographs.

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