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TsAGI works to increase acoustic comfort for the advanced SSJ75

8 October 2018

The Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) began to develop provisional recommendations to ensure increased acoustical comfort in the cabin of the advanced SSJ75. The customer is Sukhoi Civil Aircraft.

In the first phase, vibroacoustic tests of ceiling and side panels will be carried out. The panels will have different vibration absorbing, heat-sealing and sound insulation coating. The study objects will be the panels of the existing SSJ100.

The Institute specialists will analyze and compare the effectiveness of several vibration absorbing materials. They also rate and compare foreign and domestic sound-insulating materials for fuselage treatment. The study will be conducted in the reverberant chamber of TsAGI acoustic installation.

In the future TsAGI recommendations will be included in technical proposals for the SSJ75.

“The cooperation of our scientists-acousticians with the designers from Sukhoi Civil Aircraft has a long history,” commented Alexander Zverev, the Project manager and Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, as well as TsAGI’s Chief Researcher of the Department of Aeroacoustics and ecology aircraft. “At TsAGI acoustic installations we previously carried out a large number of fuselage panels tests, simulated on-board design of the SSJ100. Modern locally produced soundproofing and vibration-absorbing material have been developed since then. New dimensions are required to estimate their efficiency. This challenge gains ground with the development of a new SSJ75 and the import substitution policy in the aircraft industry.”

Following the policy of the SSJ100 development and expanding the product line, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft develops a version of the SSJ100 with a reduced passenger capacity to 75 seats. It is planned that the aircraft will be designed with the maximum use of Russian-made components. The changes when creating a SSJ for 75 seats may refer to the wings, fuselage and aircraft systems. It is planned to design a new wing and onboard complex electronic hardware, and save the fuselage.

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