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TsAGI scientists report on main fields of helicopter studies

12 December 2017

A promising helicopter will fly at speeds of over 400 km/h, will be less noisy and more secure. Speed, environmental friendliness, safety and comfort are the main topics for research of scientists and engineers around the world. These tasks are the focus of the Helicopter unit specialists of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”).

TsAGI’s head of the Department of aerodynamics and dynamics of helicopters, Doctor of Science, Oleg Kirillov participated in the XII Russian Helicopter society forum. He delivered a report at the plenary meeting and devoted it to the establishment of a technology advance at the Institute to develop future helicopters. He identified the main directions of the research, that is, the modernization of existing helicopters and the creation of a new generation. In particular, he spoke of a convertible rotary-wing aircraft.

“Scientists at our Institute examine all four areas in order to create the future helicopter,” said Oleg KIrillov. “We made scientific reports for every topic on the sessions of the Forum: speed, safety, environmental friendliness, and comfort.”

Boris Kritskiy and Ruslan Mirgazov spoke about work in the field of aeroacoustics and ground-level noise. In particular, they introduced the research results of aeroacoustic characteristics of two options of coaxial rotors at cruise flight.

The all-aspect airspeed boom was created to measure air-data parameters of the flight. It allows measurement of the magnitude and direction of velocity. The airspeed boom has a high level of technological readiness and has already been tested in a wind tunnel. Scientists Michael Golovkin, Andrey Efremov and Vadim Sysoev devoted their reports to this device.

Also of great interest was the post about a smoke visualization of vortex structures and free velocity characteristics. It is the result of joint work between TsAGI and KNITU-KAI.

The XII Forum of the Russian helicopter society took place on November 30 — December 1 in Moscow at the site of MAI. The event, held every two years, brought together more than 150 scientists and engineers —Russian helicopters, Kamov Design Bureau, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, Kazan national research Technical University, etc.

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