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TsAGI members advance to the finals of “Engineer of the Year 2017”

1 December 2017

Thirteen specialists of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”) reached the finals of the All-Russian Competition “Engineer of the Year-2017.”

The elimination round took place at TsAGI in October 2017. Based on its results the Institute’s experts selected thirteen TsAGI members from ten Departments, who would represent the Institute at the All-Russian level. The candidates represent “Aerospace,” “Mechanical Engineering,” “Military oriented and special purpose equipment,” and from “Laser technology” — “Engineering: Youth” and “Professional engineers.”

Contest winners are determined on the basis of their professional achievements in the field of innovative technologies.

All the finalists from TsAGI demonstrated their qualifications and engagement in advanced projects at the Institute. For example, contestants in the nomination “Aerospace” are engaged in research and development of a prospective aircraft model, electronic simulation in the field of aeronautical experiment, landing gear research and others. Achievements in composite aircraft manufacturing, development of wind tunnels and stands for resource and aerodynamic tests (for the prospective MC-21) will represent the “Engineering technology” nomination. Scientific interest of the participants of “Military oriented and special purpose equipment” includes structure loads, heat protection and aircraft strength standards. The work of the contestant from TsAGI in the field of laser technology is devoted to the adoption of a new technology of the laser sintering of metallic powders. Learn more about some of the participants here.

Announcement of the results and the award ceremony for winners will take place in Moscow in February 2018.

“Engineer of the year” is an annual competition to identify the best engineers to promote their employment, achievements and experience as the best engineers of the Russian Federation. The event has been held since 2000. Its organizers are the Russian Union of scientific and engineering public associations, the International Union of the scientific and engineering public associations, Academy of Engineering named after A.M. Prokhorov and the Interregional social fund to facilitate Scientific and technological progress. The competition is held in two stages in 43 categories, each of which is sub-divided into “Engineering skills of the young” (under 30 years of age) and “Professional engineers” (participants with experience in engineering positions of not less than 5 years). The winners are awarded with diplomas, commemoratives “Laureate of the Contest,” as well as certificates and signs “Professional engineer of Russia.”

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